Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Truth About the Truth

After our class discussion on Friday, I came away with an overall class opinion of "The Truth": that it is subjective. We reviewed the quotes, had a class discussion, and shared our opinions about the meaning behind truth and what that means for an individual person. One persons truth, may not be another persons truth. Everyone has their very own personal truth, which makes the truth subjective. I also believe (as many others do) that the truth is constant, solid, real, and consistent. This is what makes people want to know the truth, seek the truth, and beyond any doubt, believe in the truth.

This is the question that bothers me about this subject of truth: If people can change, doesn't that mean the truth can change? If the truth can change, then it is not consistent, solid, real, and constant. If everyone has their own personal truth, then the personal truth can change according to each individual person. To me this makes the truth less valuable, it can be found with each new wave of creativity, each new idea, and each new belief. Why is there this struggle for truth and meaning when the definition can change so quickly? I think that someone could end up struggling to find the truth their whole lives, simply because they are looking for it. If what we believe defines us, then all we have to do is believe in something to find the truth. Because if that something can change, so can we, and so can "the truth".

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